Day Trips organized by Wasini View

All trips start directly from campsite!

Day Trip to Kisite Marine Park

kisite-dolphinHome to the beautiful and intelligent marine mammal the dolphin and a more peculiar but Coconut Crab.

Act01The ecosystem covers a marine area with four small islands surrounded by coral-reef. Kisite Island is covered in low grass and herbs while Mpunguti Islands have dense coastal equatorial forest.

Act2You can choose to go snorkelling among the rich marine life such as Sea grasses Cymodocea serrulata and Syringodium isoetifolium, unique marine algae, swim with the dolphins, dive to the amazing colourful coral gardens, or chill out on the sandy beach which is great for environmental friendly recreational activities. (Source: KWS)
Enjoy snorkeling along the Kisite corrals or dive with the experienced guide.

Day Trip to Funzi Bay

aVisit the village on Funzi Island and chill out swimming along the sandbank in the middle of Funzi Bay.

b PICT0116The Ramisi River is leading into Funzi Bay and the visit can be combined with a cruise into the river delta with its many different mangrove species. The river is also populated with crocodiles and with a little luck you can make some pictures in tradition with “Crocodile Dundee”.

Your stay on Funzi Island can be combined with a delicious seafood lunch and a visit to the local market.

Shimoni Day Trips

02 slavecave1If you require a guide to the caves staff members at Wasini View will organize. The Shimoni Slave Cave tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions. Currently, visitors are granted access to the Shimoni Slave Caves during the guided tour by members of the Shimoni Slave Cave Committee.
Your visit to the caves is both enjoyable and important to the local Community projects. (Source: KWS)

All proceeds go to several other community initiatives:

  • Sponsoring bright poor students to gain useful skills
  • Buying drugs for our local dispensary
  • Buying food for the deaf unit at a nearby school called „Kichakamkwaju“
  • Paying salaries for school teachers and other community needs

Visit to Wasini Island

03 shoreLying just opposite Wasini View, another Kenya’s south coast gem only 5 km long and I km wide. The Island is sparsely populated and undeveloped. There are no cars or roads a rare treat to the past!
Wasini bears one of the earliest Swahili civilizations this coral island is occupied by the Vumba people, an indigenous group of Bantu speaking peoples numbering 1500 with a rich history.

Here you will discover remnants of invasion and settlement of Arab influence from the Persian Gulf states, and from the island of Zanzibar, further south. Visits to Wasini as well as to the Shimoni forest can be arranged by our staff on site. (Source: KWS)

Bush Walk

i SDC11328Learn how in old times plants could serve as medicine, how travelers could extract water from special trees or what kind of birds and other animals are populating the coastal forest

Mangrove tours with Dinghy or Kajak

j PICT0212During high season we can arrange for a guided ride on the Wasini channel.

Shimba Hills Game Park

04 lionYou can combine your stay with a day trip to Shimba Hills.

For the more adventurous travellers who love longer Safaris, we can arrange escorted tours to some of the most famous parks as part of your stay at Wasini View.

06 elephant2

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